This is the Heading 1 style. It is used for top-level headlines and calls-to-action.

Font: Merriweather 400 / Size: 44px / Line Height: 1.6em / Color: #23446E

This is the Heading 2 style, used for subheads and testimonials.

Font: Merriweather 400 Italic / Size: 38px / Line Height: 1.2em / Color: #8ABEED

This is the heading 3 style. It is used for LIST TITLES, names etc.

Font: Museo Sans 900 / Size: 26px / Line Height: 1.6em / Color: #23446E

This is an the Body style, used for the bulk of copy on the site. Non efficitur massa feugiat id. Suspendisse in ultricies orci. Curabitur non sollicitudin eros. Morbi hendrerit Quisque gravida, orci laoreet semper tristique, elit magna Body Hyperlink style.

Font: Museo Sans 300 / Size: 20px / Line Height: 1.6em / Colors: #333333 & #9CCC40

Font: Museo Sans 900 / Size: 24px / Colors: #9CCC40