THE SEATTLE TIMES (November 17, 2017) Our nation's health: Readers weigh in

Originally published in The Seattle Times on November 17, 2017
Milena Stott, chief strategy officer, Valley Cities Behavioral Health, Federal Way

Those of us on the ground working on the opioid crisis are also disappointed by President Donald Trump’s empty declaration without funding to back it up.

We are fortunate to have strong local commitments from our leaders to stop this epidemic. King County made a significant investment in a new Beacon Hill facility that combines detox and substance-use treatment with mental-health services. This facility, operated by Valley Cities Behavioral Health, is the first in the area to offer this long overdue combination of services.

We’ll keep pursuing federal support, but we won’t wait for it. The tens of thousands of people in King County suffering from substance-use disorder deserve treatment and resources now.

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