SEATTLE PI (October 20, 2017) Bring it on. New facility to treat addiction, mental health

Originally published in The Seattle PI on October 20, 2017
By Stephen Cohen

For users trying to overcome substance abuse, the gap between detox and treatment services can often be too wide to bridge on their own. A newly renovated facility on Beacon Hill will try to make things easier.

When fully operational, Recovery Place Seattle at Beacon Hill will offer a place where homeless or low-income patients can detox from heroin and other drugs, then transition to residential treatment services in the same building, where they can get medication that helps them kick their addiction. Unlike existing residential treatment facilities, Recovery Place will also provide mental health services.

"We're up for the challenge, buddy," Ken Taylor, CEO of Valley Cities Behavior Health Care (the local nonprofit that will operate the facility), said of treating patients with substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses. "Bring it on."

Recovery Place Seattle will open later in October with 16 beds for "acute withdrawal management." When fully operational, that number will grow to 33 detox beds as well as 40 in an "intensive inpatient unit" staffed by over 100 full-time employees.

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