Support from someone who's been there.

Valley Cities Behavioral Health Care proudly offers a range of client support services that are delivered by certified Peer Support Specialists. Peers are an integral part of care teams at Valley Cities, offering insight, empowerment, and engagement to people receiving mental health and substance use services, drawn from their personal life experience.

About Peer Training

Valley Cities’ Peer Training introduces participants to the role of the Peer and provides foundational information about recovery, self care, trauma-informed care, ethics and boundaries, sharing your story, and much more.  

While Valley Cities’ Peer Training does not include state certification, it does prepare participants for internships, volunteering, and job opportunities. For more information about state certification, please visit the DSHS website.


We conduct Peer Training throughout the year at various Valley Cities locations. The training is 11 weekly modules, on Fridays from 9:30 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. A mandatory orientation gives participants an opportunity to get a full understanding of the training and expectations.

Requirements for Peer Training include:

  • being in active recovery

  • having an understanding of a Peer’s role and/or recovery components

  • being able and willing to share your story of recovery

  • commiting to attending training in its entirety

For information about attending an orientation, or about Peer Training more generally, speak to a member of your Care Team, or email at peertraining@valleycities.org.