Peer Support at Valley Cities. 

Valley Cities proudly offers a range of support services provided by certified peer counselors. Peers are an integral part of the Care Team, offering insight, empowerment, and compassion from life experience. Peer support is based on the philosophy that someone who has faced life circumstances similar to yours may be the person who can understand you the most. Peers are living, walking examples that recovery is possible.

Peer Support Specialists have been trained, tested, and certified to provide support to people receiving mental health and substance use disorder services. Because of their unique experience, peer counselors provide expertise that professional training cannot replicate. Call us today to learn more, at (253) 833-7444

Peers at Valley Cities offer:

  • Education about mental health challenges, wellness, and various resources
  • Help to build self-advocacy skills
  • Help in navigating mental health, educational, and other systems
  • Support through one-on-one meetings and phone calls
  • Assistance in developing coping skills and the ability to regain control over their own lives
  • Support in making choices and taking responsibility for their own wellness
  • Help in identifying strengths, celebrating successes, and building hope

Types of Peers

Valley Cities will provide you with a Peer that best suits your unique situation. The following types of peers are available:

  • Adult Peers model recovery, hope, and resiliency as they meet one-on-one with clients to assist, advocate, and provide support from a peer perspective. They share relevant recovery journeys and offer hope and empowerment.

  • Parent Partner Peers have experience advocating for parents and children in child-serving systems such as CPS, Juvenile Justice, and DSHS. They facilitate parenting classes and make home visits.

  • Bridger Peers provide peer-to-peer support to those transitioning out of jails and hospitals, bridging clients back into services and basic resources as soon as possible upon release. Bridger peers offer their direct experience successfully transitioning themselves.

  • Older Adult Peers provide many of the same services as Adult Peers, but are tailored to fit the needs of an older adult population. These peers visit clients in nursing homes and senior centers, provide resources, transportation, education, and more.

Peers work closely with clinicians, therapists and care coordinators to help guide clients through their recovery process. Peers are advocates, cheerleaders, role models, parent partners, liaisons, wellness coaches, and supporters. Each peer is a key member of the treatment team. If you are interested in receiving peer support, speak with a member of your care team for a referral.

interested in becoming a peer counselor?

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Peer Testimonial

"Working as a Peer Support Specialist is one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences I have ever had. It is right up there with getting sober, finding faith, sharing my life with cherished companion animals, and living in marriage with my best friend. I am truly blessed.

I use my own life journey to assist others in working toward increased recovery, resiliency and wellness; modeling the principles of recovery: empowerment, respect, having hope and being strengths-based. I share personal experience from my own recovery path to build connection, to illustrate an idea, and to show what not to do!

Recovery can be a joyful journey of exploration, growth and hope. Supporting the people I serve reminds me of this every single day."  
- Kristin Mauritsen, Peer Support Specialist

Recovery starts now.