Treatment works.

We know that 100% of mental illnesses and substance use disorders can be treated. With treatment, every individual can live a meaningful life, full of possibilities and promise. Our comprehensive behavioral health services promote recovery, resilience, and improved quality of life. Call us today at (253) 833-7444.


Rather than an acute or crisis model of care, we focus on prevention and early intervention through behavioral health services integrated with primary care. And our continuing care supports people to build their resiliency and manage their disease every day.

Each individual who comes through our doors is unique, and we tailor care to match their current needs. By partnering and collaborating with community organizations and agencies we can address whatever challenges a client faces, whether that’s medical care, a place to live, or a job.

Care Teams at Valley Cities

Our unique Care Team model gives clients access to a range of specialists with expertise in addressing specific symptoms.

This approach helps clients meet more needs more quickly during their recovery journey with us. Each provider stays connected to the client's care as long as necessary to help in that area of focus.

Treatment is individualized and can be provided by staff ranging from therapists to peers to specialty or program staff. Every client works with a dedicated Care Coordinator, who is their main point of contact. They help assess needs and link clients to necessary supports, both within Valley Cities and throughout the community.

What is Trauma-Informed Care?

Valley Cities integrates the principles of trauma-informed care into every policy, procedure, service, program, and treatment we provide. We acknowledge our clients’ experiences of abuse, neglect, and discrimination and their lasting marks of mental and emotional distress. We recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in our clients as they struggle to processes feelings, alter toxic perceptions of self and others, and advance socially and economically.

Our staff responds to our clients’ trauma aftershocks by creating a safe, trustworthy, transparent, and mutually respectful collaboration to empower their personal treatment choices. With Valley Cities they regain their voice, confidence, and independence.

Our Guiding Principles of Recovery

  • Person-driven

  • Occurs via many pathways

  • Is holistic

  • Is supported by peers and allies

  • Is supported through relationships and social networks

  • Is culturally-based and influenced

  • Is supported by addressing trauma

  • Involves individual, family, and community strengths and responsibility

  • Is based on respect

  • Emerges from hope

  • Builds resiliency

Source: SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) and King County