Child and Family Services at Valley Cities.

Child and Family Services at Valley Cities help to build stronger communities by supporting children of all ages, including infants and toddlers, and their families with services that holistically address emotional and behavioral challenges, trauma, and basic needs. Services include individual therapy, family therapy, groups for children, youth, and parents, and peer support for parents. Call us today to get support, at (253) 833-7444

How We Help 

We partner with children and their families, and other important people in their lives, to:

  • Help them grow and succeed
  • Ensure basic needs are met such as food, housing, and health  
  • Work toward wellness and build resilience

We help children and their families build their own networks of support and learn how to talk and work with others. We listen and help them find their own voice and learn how to get the help they need. Building resiliency is a critical component of what we do at Valley Cities. Since many of our clients come to us feeling hopeless, it's so important that we work with them to harness their inner strength.

We tell them there is hope. They are valued.  

Infant and Early Childhood Program

This program is counseling for infants and young children, ages 0-5, and their parents. For children ages 0-3 we offer Promoting First Relationships, a promising practice which emphasizes social-emotional development through responsive, nurturing caregiver-child relationships by teaching practical, effective strategies for promoting secure and healthy relationships between caregivers and young children.

School-Based Counseling

Our school-based counselors work in local districts to help students with social-emotional growth, improve behavior and peer relationship skills, and help children succeed in all domains of life. Read more about our school-based services.

Developmental Disabilities

We serve a wide age range of clients, from children 5 and up to older adults, who have cognitive disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders. We provide services to clients throughout King County, and individuals must meet medical necessity by having a mental health disorder or illness and have Medicaid funding. DDD enrollment is not required.

Staff in our Developmental Disabilities Program have broad experience and expertise in working with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families. Our clinicians provide person-centered treatment, focusing on healthy relationships and building support systems, daily life skills and community access, and communication and social skills. We partner with clients, as well as their families and other important people in their lives, to achieve milestones and individual goals, meet basic needs, build resiliency, and learn skills and strategies for daily life.

Prevention and Community Support Program

The Prevention and Community Support Program strengthens communities and empowers youth by providing trauma informed prevention and early intervention programs that address at young person’s ability to be resilient and heal from hard life events. Real Talk for Teens facilitators use a best-practice model, The SELF Psychoeducational Group Curriculum, which focuses on safety, emotions, loss, and future.

Program Coordinators provide in-school groups and support services for youth experiencing challenges that may be preventing them from reaching their full potential. Currently, only select middle schools and high schools in the Federal Way area are being served by the Prevention and Community Support Program.