Valley Cities Peer Support Training

Valley Cities’ Peer Support Training introduces participants to the role of the Peer and provides foundational information about recovery, self care, trauma informed care, ethics and boundaries, sharing your story, and much more.  It allows participants to assess whether they are interested in attending Washington State Peer Training, while preparing participants for state training and testing. Peer training is held once a year, following an orientation (there are two dates available, participants only need to attend one), both starting in January. Orientation gives potential participants an opportunity to get a full understanding of the training and expectations.

Requirements for Peer training include: a minimum of six months in recovery with no hospitalizations or incarcerations, have a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) or be willing to create one, have an understanding of a Peer’s role, be able and willing to share their story of recovery, and commit to the attending training every Friday for 21 weeks, from 9am – 2pm.  As this is a training and not a process group, participation and self reflection are required.

For information about attending an orientation, or about Peer Training, speak to a member of your care team, or contact Jami Hansen via email at .
For more information about Washington State’s Peer Counselor training and testing, please visit the DSHS website.