Peer Support Services at Valley Cities

Valley Cities proudly offers a range of support services provided by certified Peer Counselors. Peers are an integral part of the Care Team at Valley Cities, offering insight, empowerment, and engagement from life experience. Peer support is based on the philosophy that someone who has faced life circumstances similar to yours may be the person who can understand you the most. Peers are living, walking examples of Hope and that recovery is possible.

Peer Support Counselors have been trained, tested, and certified to inspire hope and provide unique support to people receiving mental health and chemical dependency services. Because of their unique experience with mental illness and mental health services, peer counselors provide expertise that professional training cannot replicate. Peers at Valley Cities offer:

  • Support through one-on-one meetings and phone calls.
  • Education about illness, medications, best treatment practices, and resources.
  • Help to build self-advocacy skills.
  • Help in navigating mental health, education, and other systems.
  • Help to develop natural supports and linkage to support groups.
  • Assistance in developing coping skills and the ability to regain control over their own lives.
  • Support in making choices and taking responsibility for their own wellness.
  • Help in identifying strengths, celebrating successes, and building hope.

One of the many functions of a peer is to help clients realize goals by identifying wellness tools and personal strengths – a vital part of the recovery process. Peers work closely with clinicians, therapists and care coordinators to help guide clients through their recovery process. Peers are advocates, cheerleaders, role models, parent partners, liaisons, wellness coaches, and supporters. Their roles are varied, and each Peer has a specialty or personal focus as part of the treatment team.

Peers at Valley Cities offer many services, and each peer has personal lived experience in the field in which they work. Peers participate regularly in clinical team meetings and offer valuable input and insight that only lived experience can offer. They are provided on-going clinical training and supervision.

Available Peer Services at Valley Cities

Peer Training at Valley Cities