Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an eight hour course designed to train members of the public to assess and support people with mental health challenges and refer them to qualified professionals. Just as CPR training prepares people without medical backgrounds to help someone who is having a heart attack, the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Program trains people to help someone who is at risk of developing a mental health problem or is going through a mental health crisis.

In this research-based training course, participants learn about the risk factors for mental illness and practice intervention strategies that equip them to respond quickly and effectively. The program teaches a single strategy that includes:

  • Assessing risk
  • Respectfully listening to and supporting the individual in crisis
  • Identifying and contacting appropriate professional help

Interested in becoming certified in Mental Health First Aid? Anyone with an interest in helping people and a commitment to completing the training course can participate in the Mental health First Aid Program. To find out more about how you, your business, or organization can become more involved with this powerful program to build mental health literacy and help the public identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness, please contact Sue Wyder at 253-426-5957.

Funding for these trainings has been generously provided by a grant from Providence Saint Joseph Health, aimed at increasing awareness and participation in Mental Health First Aid. These sessions are open to the public, though space may be limited. Course and course materials are included (a $170 value per participant).