Drew Fife 3



“Without this help, I wouldn’t be alive today.” — Drew

Drew grew up a talented musician, who went on to make his living as a traveling musician for over 20 years. Then one day in 1995, he woke up one day and just didn’t feel right. Over the next few years he went through his savings, he divorced, he bounced around without a real home. He was depressed. He spent over five years on the streets, homeless. After multiple suicide attempts, he landed in a psychiatric hospital. He knew if he couldn’t find a home, he was determined to try to take his life again. The hospital called on Valley Cities to help Drew. Valley Cities was able to get Drew an apartment in and helped with basic items to furnish the apartment.  We were able to stabilize him with medication and counseling sessions every week. He has remained off the streets for over 18 months and is able to manage his depression.  He is in recovery and knows it is best to take life day by day.




Valley Cities’ Housing Services strengthen and support individuals’ and families’ recovery from homelessness by helping them access stable, affordable transitional and permanent housing. We work with government and community agencies to help people obtain safe, affordable housing and assist in addressing the problems that led to homelessness. Case Managers work with Valley Cities’ clients to find the programs and services that best meet their needs. Most participants must be a Valley Cities client and referred by their clinician. The majority of programs have a waiting list.