Active Military and Veterans Services

It’s estimated that within King County there are 127,000 veterans who have served the U.S. Military. Of these, 20,000 veterans have likely experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Based on national trends, there may be as many as 12,000 of those who are reluctant to seek treatment or support. There are also many thousands of veterans who are experiencing homelessness, poverty and/or unemployment. Additionally, every year up to a thousand veterans return home to King County and face significant transitional challenges due to unemployment and/or serious disabilities.

Valley Cities Veterans Program exists to extend services to these veterans and their family members by offering a unique two prong approach:

  • Veteran Navigators: Army veterans Josh Jones and Victor Wong are available to help King County veterans to navigate through the sometimes confusing maze of available local resources. This assistance often includes helping them obtain their DD-214 (proof of having served in the military) and applying for benefits with VA Puget Sound. As needed, they can also help with housing, financial benefits, medical benefits, employment, upgrading discharge, education or other specific issues.
  • Veteran Therapists: Navy veterans Bob Wilson and Starr Lehnus are available to provide military culturally sensitive therapy to veterans.

Eligibility Criteria: Clients who have served in any branch of the U.S. Military and have been given an Honorable, Medical, or General Under Honorable Conditions Discharge. Current spouses or dependent children may also be eligible. The Navigators will help determine eligibility based on individual circumstances.

All services are free to eligible Veterans, Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists, and their family members. Call 866-326-5520.

Veterans Program Staff


This program received funding from the King County Veterans and Human Services Levy.

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