MATCH Program at Valley Cities

The MATCH (Medication-Assisted Treatment & Community Health) program quickly and easily provides medication to people with opioid-based substance use disorders, such as heroin or oxycodone users. MATCH services include education and care preparation, withdrawal management, coordination of primary and behavioral health care, medication, relapse prevention planning, linkage to long-term recovery support and services, and transitional support.

The MATCH program works with individuals on a short-term basis, generally 4-6 weeks. During this time, a client will begin their initial prescription, stabilize on an appropriate dose, and meet regularly with a Care Navigator to address barriers to wellness and stability. Participants and Care Navigators will work together to identify a ‘health home’ – a clinic where the participant’s prescription can be transferred and managed long-term. Care Navigators also help refer participants to additional services as desired, including detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient Substance-Use Disorder services, primary and dental care, and outpatient Mental Health services.

Our goal is to support participants’ individual and unique paths to recovery with a client-centered, harm-reduction approach while serving as a bridge to community partners and resources. The Valley Cities MATCH program works in partnership with a number of other local healthcare providers, including Seattle & King County Public Health, HealthPoint, Neighborcare Health, and Swedish Medical Center.

Who’s a good fit for MATCH?

  • Individuals who currently use heroin or other illicit opioids
  • Those vulnerable to relapse with opioids
  • Individuals who have developed a dependency to prescribed opioid medications
  • Individuals currently on methadone who would like to explore other treatment options


Individuals must be aged 18 or older, reside within King County, and meet criteria for Opioid Use Disorder to be eligible for the MATCH program. Individuals who choose participate in the MATCH program should be prepared to meet in-person with their care team twice a week for the first two weeks, and once a week thereafter.

Getting Started

Individuals are welcome to contact MATCH directly, and service providers in the community are also welcome to refer, by contacting 253-508-9171 or